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Our love of fabrics is no secret and like a child in a sweet shop we always get excited to hear about the latest innovations and trends from our network of fabric creators. Take a closer look at what’s new for SS22.




Introducing SumiUnderstated in its elegance and refined in its colouration, Sumi is a fabric which exudes serenity and style. Woven from worsted wool using fine marl yarns, this natural textile embraces a purity of composition and an impeccably simple aesthetic which makes it both without age, yet achingly current.




Introducing UF Select: Developed to inspire with an array of timeless textures and tones influenced by traditional handicraft. Crafted exclusively with hand-picked and trusted mill partners UF Select showcases the innovative performance and comfort of Ultrafabrics with two new creative collections, Lino and Montage.

Lino creates the look of a textile weave with its two-toned crosshatch design, soft touch, and sizeable assortment of on-trend colours. Montage has a softly weathered texture that’s rich, organic, and brought to life through an impactful range of timely neutrals and natural shades. Uniting state-of-the-art technology and sustainably-focused innovation, these are intelligent fabrics designed to do more.




Introducing eco-friendly upholstery fabrics: Made from post-consumer PET bottles, our 100% recycled polyester FR yarn turns the problem of plastic waste into a solution. Bottles are collected locally before being separated by type and colour, processed and converted into flakes. Four structures, one family: Designed to work in unison, the four qualities that make up our recycled upholstery family – Wilson, a basic weave; Avon, a melange; Norfolk, a grid; and Harding, a twill – honour fundamental weaving techniques. This purity and simplicity, as well as the non-directionality of most structures, makes them incredibly easy to combine with one another – and to integrate into interiors.




Introducing Muirhead: For low carbon, high luxury leather, it’s strength is in the creation of the lowest carbon leather in the world at only 1.1kg CO2e per hide. It’s a beautiful, natural and sustainable material, trusted by brands like Mulberry, British Airways, Rolls Royce, and Princess Yachts, we well as, of course, Davison Highley.




Introducing Macro: Inspired by the prism, Svensson have been exploring how fabrics can help us to distil light, how structures can bring shadows to life when the light hits them and how colour scales can live in synergy with light. With sound environmental credentials, Macro upholstery fabric is made using wool from local Scandinavian sheep. The wool-dyeing process brings to life a pattern which, when observed from a distance, blends together to create a more even surface, hence the name Macro.




Introducing three new ranges: Chosen to complement the leather look in designs, Yarwood Leather have introduced three new contract fabric ranges. Chamonix – a warm and comforting wool fabric in classic and commercial tones. Manhattan – a luxurious and glamorous velvet feel in sophisticated neutrals and deep, rich colours. Santorini – a fresh and calming linen look with timeless tones and modern brights. 



Our close relationship with quality suppliers not only helps us keep pace with the latest trends but also efficiently manage the production process. Fabric is ordered immediately when an order is received, allowing us to keep clients informed of any potential delays, even proposing alternatives if there is likely to be any delivery delay. On arrival at our workshop, our experienced team inspect by hand to avoid any rare flaws and use their skill and experience to thrill both us and our clients with their pattern matching prowess. 


Our sample library at the Davison Highley Clerkenwell showroom is full of these exciting new materials with ample space to create exciting combinations. Book an appointment to discover more!




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