BEE is a modern take on the classic modular system which recognises the increasingly agile requirements of workplace. Futureproof and incorporating work elements such as tables, technology, planting and mobility, the range includes; BEEmodular, BEEflexible, BEEsettled, BEEworking, BEEcollaborative & BEEplanting, each is designed to be used separately or together to create areas which combine soft seating, privacy screens, work surfaces, technology and biophilia.

Elements can be combined effortlessly; with the reassurance our robust linking system will hold them firmly in position, until you are ready to reconfigure the elements should the needs of the workplace evolve.

BEEmodular Enrich employee wellbeing with soft modular elements which can be combined using our robust fixing system. Select from straight and curved units, with and without backs to create your perfect layout.

BEEflexible Add flexibility to your layouts with back to back elements and semi-circle units which can create seating areas on their own or be combined with the rest of the BEE range.

BEEsettled Banquette style elements featuring a back panel to enhance privacy and create a sense of comfort and security. Featuring the same modularity as the rest of the BEE range, allowing you to mix and match with BEEmodular to create areas of privacy and with BEEworking to produce cooperative areas.

BEEworking Work table elements which combine with BEEsettled units to create work booths. Use multiple elements to form railway layouts and larger cooperative areas. Also add in BEEcollaborative planters to integrate nature into the workplace with biophillic divisions, improving air quality and encouraging the reduction of stress.

BEEcollaborative Shape shared productive spaces by combining the different BEE elements. Create privacy with panels or take a biophillic approach with planter units incorporated into the design. Whilst side integrated tables introduce hubs for the latest technology.

BEEplanting Introduce biophillia into the workplace by integrating these planter units into BEE layouts.

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